Snoop Dogg - The Doggumentary review

3/5 Stars
The Doggumentary was originally planned as a sequel to Snoop's classic debut Doggystyle. This proved too much of an undertaking, and instead the album combines decent G-funk remakes with uninspired floor fillers. ‘Wonder What It Do’ and ‘The Way Life Used To Be’ have rare signs of ’90s greatness, with the Boss Dogg showing what was lost on his past three albums: funky beats and fun rhymes. However, the flaccid ‘Platinum’ and ‘Boom’ sound sadly like a 39-year-old cashing in on the ringtone generation with synth-heavy production and redundant collaborators. At 21 tracks, this disorderly record desperately needs quality control. Snoop hasn’t fallen off the wagon, but his embarrassing attempts at staying relevant may be his undoing. Imagine your dad crip-walking and talking like a thug – you get the idea.
By Jimmy Ness