Mellowhype - BlackenedWhite review

3/5 Stars

The Wolf Gang kick ignorant raps over versatile production.

Odd Future’s Hodgy Beats and Left Brain recorded BlackenedWhite before the group stirred up a cult-like frenzy. The album’s re-release has a slimmed down run time of 40 minutes and the strange removal of favourite track `Chordaroy’. Despite the hype, Hodgy sounds like a juvenile Big Sean and often resorts to rap clichés. There are a few hot lines, but his rhymes lack the unique shock value of group leader Tyler, The Creator.

Luckily, the production ultimately saves the project. Left Brain proves he’s a potential star with catchy unpolished beats, which seem perfectly catered to Hodgy’s flow. ‘Primo’ and ‘Right Here’ sound like a heavenly smoker’s session, while ‘Igotagun’ creates a thumping horror story. BlackenedWhite won’t change the mind of Odd Future skeptics, but rare glimpses of talent make it a fun listen.

Written By Jimmy Ness