bands make her dance remix

Juicy J ft Lil Wayne - Bands Make Her Dance (Remix)

By Jimmy Ness and originally published at Passionweiss

2 Chainz, Drake, Future, Juicy J. Mike Will’s stellar production has steadily been tricking me into liking rappers I think I shouldn’t. My inner rap snob dies a little each time Juicy J’s strip club anthem knocks my ears, but this song’s just too good to ignore. Will’s first single from Est in 1989 Pt. 2 flicks between atmospheric keys and hand claps making it both ominous and thrilling.  (The rest is probably a little NSFW)

The “Bands Make Her Dance” remix is unchanged from the original except for a throwaway Lil Wayne verse. Luckily almost anyone would sound good over this cinematic beat (not Kreyashawn though, never that). Weezy uses the hilariously stupid name “Steven Spielnigga,” switches his flow slightly and thankfully doesn’t sing … much. “I make it rain on ya like a windowpane,” is a very lame metaphor though, and mentioning that stupid “Cashin Out” song should be illegal. Post-jail Wayne only receives a 3/5 grade and participation award for this rhyme.

Jordan Houston is still the star of the show and his chant raps work extremely well. The rap elder continues his strange comeback streak with a reworked a line from Blue Dream & Lean : “You say no to ratchet pussy, Juicy J can’t!” It’s particularly magical when he says “these chicks clapping and they ain’t using hands,” just as Mike Will’s slapping beat kicks in. Juicy also states that it’s not a strip club if there are no vaginas on display, which is hard to disagree with. This track should earn Juicy J a second Academy Award and Mike Will a free lap dance from Gangsta Boo.